Rapper Will Die of Natural Causes

by Open Mike Eagle

  • Signed Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes CD
    Compact Disc (CD)

    signed CD of my Hellfyre Club album

    rap songs:

    1. The Processional (The Funeral March) (prod. E. Super)
    2. Nightmares (prod. Willie Green)
    3. No Body Nose (prod. Loden)
    4. NH2 (Grins and Lies) (feat/prod. Alpha MC)
    5. Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes. (prod. E.Super)
    6. Why Pianos Break (feat. P.O.S. prod. Taco Neck)
    7. Rent Party Revolution (prod. E. Super)
    8. Kings (feat. VerBS and Real8 prod. Awkward)
    9. Exiled from the Getalong Gang (feat. MC Paul Barman prod. The Kone)
    10. Right Next to You (for the neighbors) (prod. E. Super)
    11. Dishes (prod. Dak)
    12. Bright Green Light (prod. B-Bop)
    13. Natural Causes Reprise (prod. OME)
    14. Old Member Reclamation (prod. E.Super/prod. Egon Brainparts)

    ... more

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  • Signed Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes Vinyl (50 only)

    OME's critically acclaimed second LP, on vinyl for the first time ever.

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released October 25, 2013



Open Mike Eagle Los Angeles

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